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The Generate Fund 2022

The Generate Fund for Black, Asian and Global Majority Artists* provides financing, mentorship and programming opportunities to support UK-based Global Majority artists in bringing their work to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Generate Fund is the result of consultation with a wide cross-section of independent artists, companies and organisations with experience of presenting work at the Fringe, and is a response to specific barriers facing Black, Asian and Global Majority when presenting work in Festival contexts.
We hope that this funding will act as a catalyst and jumping off point for wider activity in the lead up and during the Fringe, bringing together artists and stakeholders to discuss how to make the Fringe a Safe Space for Global Majority (acknowledging the intersectionality that will be present).

How to Apply:

  • Applications for the Generate Fund are now OPEN
  • Deadline, 10am, 17 January 2022
  • Click here to apply, via written, video or audio format
  • Click here to read our Generate Fund Information Pack
  • Click here for a PDF version of our application form (FOR REFERENCE ONLY)

Our offer:

We have made £10,000 available, with productions receiving investment of up to £5,000 from Pleasance towards the cost of presenting work at the Fringe. Alongside this direct financial support, Pleasance and our partners will also offer:

  • A guaranteed slot in our Edinburgh programme at Pleasance
  • A programming option it Pleasance London.
  • Additional PR support from Pleasance Futures
  • Mentorship from the Pleasance and partners
  • Rehearsal, development, sharing and work space
  • Support to develop and deliver accessible performances (including the provision of captioned performances)
  • Pleasance and partners will endeavour to do more to make our venues feel safe and inclusive for Black, Asian and Global Majority Artists (this includes providing pastoral care and support if needed)
  • PTT work on a principle of encouraging sustainable producing, so the financing operates on an investment basis, but with the Pleasance recouping in the final position only (after all fees, expenses and costs of staging the production in Edinburgh are paid).

To be eligible for the Generate Fund for Global Majority Artists :

  • Must be based in the United Kingdom
  • At least 50% of the lead creators (which could include the Writer, Director, Producer, Set Designer or makers/devising ensemble) must identify as Black, Asian or Global Majority Artists
  • At least 50% of the cast must identify as Global Majority Artists
  • Propose a Theatre or Children’s production that will be ready to be presented at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022. The show does not need to be a world premiere, but it must be an Edinburgh Fringe premiere
  • We are encouraging ambitious work, including but not limited to: large cast or ensemble based work, work playing with form, work that would otherwise not be able to be presented at the Fringe
  • We also want to encourage artists to tell the stories they want to tell – exciting, political, surreal, comedic or hopeful. No preference will be given to work that tells a specific type of story, we want people to feel free to bring any work to the table – no limitations
  • Be able to attend the Selection Day at Pleasance Islington on Wednesday 16 February 2022 (either in person or via Skype)

The Selection Day will consist of a relaxed discussion with representatives from Pleasance Theatre, Supporting Partners, and Independent Global Majority Artists with specific experience of the Fringe. We will ask you to bring a budget, as well as talk about the concept of the show, and how the financing will make a real difference. It is anticipated the discussions will last for approx. 30-45 minutes. Full details to be provided to shortlisted candidates.

*We adopt Global Majority as a commonly used term that is consistent with other theatre partners we work with. However, we acknowledge the limitations and lack of nuance of this term, and encourage this to be an opportunity for further discussion.Our definition of ‘Global Majority Artists’ is inclusive to anyone who experiences racism, or is marginalized or faces barriers within the industry for their race or ethnicity.

Generate Fund Recipients:

2021 – Patricia Gets Readty (for a date with the man that used to hit her) by Martha Watson Allpress

‘Taking Patricia to the Fringe with the Pleasance was a real dream. It makes such a difference to feel championed from the start, within a festival where it’s easy to get lost. The financial grant alleviated so much pressure from the run and so it felt like we had permission to enjoy ourselves.’ 

– Patricia Gets Ready (for a date with the man that used to hit her) Creative Team


 Generate Fund for UK-based Black, Asian and Global Majority Artists Form 2022 (REFERENCE ONLY).pdf  2022 Generate Pack.pdf

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