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Are you interested in taking part in the 2022 edition of Kensington + Chelsea Art Week?

We are delighted to announce that the theme for 2022 is NOURISH! Read below a summary of the theme to inspire your project or exhibition for this year’s Art Week; we encourage our participants to host events that implement food and drink to compliment the theme: how can we nourish ourselves without depleting our planet?

“Every living being is sustained by the nourishment of some kind, whether through consumption of food, photosynthesis or other means. Nourishment can also be intellectual, social and mystical.

Nourishment in the form of food is fundamental to life. How it is grown, harvested, prepared, eaten, shared and wasted are essential questions when it comes to ecology and to sustainability.

Consider commensality as a social activity, which creates and cements relationships, but also sets boundaries. Think of nourishment as a form of knowledge – food for the soul as well as food for the body.

Food is culture. It unties and divides us. It is sensual. It is gluttonous and indulgent. It is pleasure, spirituality and meditation, pain and boredom. It is fun!”

We hope that our theme will activate questions related to how nourishment can be vehicle for visual experimentation with form and the senses, with sharing and togetherness, with kindness, with teaching and learning, and with expanding on nourishment as a form of knowledge.

Feature your venue or project and join local creative spaces and cultural institutions in an eleven-day celebration of arts and culture in West London, encompassing visual arts, poetry, theatre, film, food, music, dance, literature and much more – in person or online. We welcome submissions of digital projects, from virtual exhibitions to online workshops, social media events and more.

Joining is free and simple:

  1. Fill out the form below or email to register your interest
  2. Receive participant Pack from February 2022
  3. Fill out the listings form

By taking part in Kensington + Chelsea Art Week you will be featured in:

  • The printed Guide – every participant listed absolutely
  • Interactive Culture Map
  • Weekly newsletters
  • KCAW social media
  • KCAW weekly What’s Calendar
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Press + Marketing campaigns

Extra Visibility

For extra visibility, participants and are seeking a venue or collaborators, or are still looking to certain elements of your event, let us know! KCAW can provide support in many ways, from giving advice to connecting you to potential partners.

Register to take part in KCAW22

23 June – 3 July 2022

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