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Communicating with a mask: free resource supports healthcare workforce

Performing Medicine, specialist in arts-based healthcare training and research, has released a free interactive resource, with accompanying audio guide, to support easier and more effective communication for the healthcare workforce whilst wearing a mask.


Available to anyone working within a healthcare environment, ‘Communicating with a mask’ guides participants through a series of exercises presented by expert voice coaches who share simple vocal techniques to make communication easier, to help connect with colleagues and patients, and to preserve energy.


The guided voice exercises have been specially created to be undertaken at any place, at anytime, and cover posture, breath, pitch and volume, pace and pause, and articulation.


Bella Eacott, research manager at Performing Medicine said, “Performing Medicine, in collaboration with partners at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust, has completed a British Academy research project; exploring the impact of Covid-19 on communication.  Based on interviews with healthcare professionals at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Trust as part of the project, ‘Communicating in a mask’ was created.


There are various issues around communication and whether patients and colleagues can hear clearly and be understood.  The entire workforce, from frontline staff including nurses and consultants, to security guards, receptionists, and porters, have all reported feelings of frustration, discomfort and disconnect when wearing masks.  ‘Communicating with a mask’ enables people to manage the challenges and provides a range of advice such as how to articulate words more clearly and not strain their voice.”


To access the free interactive resource, visit

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