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Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Practicing in a Liminal Space with Harald De Bondt

Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Practicing in a Liminal Space with Harald De Bondt

“How can embodying our dreams integrate in our artistic practice, and what happens if we do?”
Starting January 10, 2022
Online Course of 4 Workshops (Drop-In’s Welcome) 
A space to connect deeply, listening with our whole bodies and – from that place of connection – An embodied dreamwork circle where participants are invited to be curious about their wondrous dreamworld, its shapeshifting locations and characters.
London (GMT): 5pm-7pm
San Francisco (PST): 9am-11am
New York (EST) 12noon-2pm
Brussels (CET): 18:00-20:00
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Registration, images and video from Harald De Bondt:

Full Information:

This series of workshops is a combination of online sessions, literature and supportive lesson material. You are welcome to attend the workshops individually or as a series. There are no prerequisites to participate except a curiosity about dreams of the night and willingness to share in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. For complete beginners there will be support to help you to remember your dreams so that everybody can bring a personal dream to the workshop.

Each workshop will have a different focus within the practice of embodied dreamwork which weaves creative, embodied and dreaming practices. 

Some of the methods used for experiencing and expressing dreams include:
* enactment of dream characters
* active imagination 
* somatic experiencing of dream locations
* expressing the felt sense of a dream’s elements through movement
* sharing dreams and their somatic resonance

From the beginning, participants will receive a bi-weekly letter that offers background information and practices for one particular aspect of embodied dreamwork. By homeopathically distilling the essence from these lessons, participants find their own way of integrating dreamwork in their practice and daily life. 


Monday 10th January 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Sharing Dreams
Monday 24th January 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Felt Sense of Imagination
Monday 7th February 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Exploring the Dream Space
Monday 21st February 2022: Intro to Embodied Dreamwork – Interacting with Dream Characters

Take-Away Benefits:

1. A stronger capacity to imagine and remember dreams
2. Access to symbols and images that live in your body
3. A new layer of intuition to support the evolution of your practice
4. Clarity on some of your personal unconscious patterns and beliefs

Harald De Bondt, based in Belgium, has been working with dreams since 2013, starting with the alluring practice of lucid dreaming. Initially working as a researcher in data science, he explored the topic of predicting human movement, but soon realised that he would rather practice moving his feet than tapping with his fingers on a keyboard. 

Harald is formally trained as yoga teacher, an inspirational coach, dance/movement therapist and has his own embodied practice that is influenced by clowning, contact improvisation, conscious dance, butoh and yoga. When he started intentionally dreaming his dances and dancing his dreams he experienced a profound exchange between his conscious and unconscious self, the dreaming practice (in)formed the embodied practice and vice versa.

This eventually led him to research the synergy between dreamwork and dance/movement therapy. Since then he has held online workshops and courses on the topic of “embodied dreamwork”, a practice that facilitates insight into the meaning and purpose of dreams through embodied interventions. These were often with an artistic focus; working with the question “How can embodying our dreams integrate in our artistic practice, and what happens if we do?
Presented by Intercultural Roots ‘Arts for Health & Social Change’ Programme.
Intercultural Roots (IR) is an independent not-for-profit charity born from the Institutional Frameworks work strand of the Embodied Research Working Group at the IFTR – International Federation for Theatre Research.  Its cofounders (2015-2018) include Dr Alex Boyd (Executive Director), Prof. Lynette Hunter, Dr Ian Kenvyn, Dr Peter Lichtenfels, Dr Ben Spatz and Clare Kenvyn with additional Trustee/Directors Dr Andréa Maciel (Brazil/UK, Artistic Director),  Dr Alvaro Hernandez (Colombia), Prof. Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal (New Zealand), Regina Gutierrez (Colombia).  Since March 2020 over 100 artist-practitioners have been supported to deliver over 1,000 high quality classes to benefit over 10,000 participants.


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