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It’s a kind of magic

It’s been a magical month for Breathe Arts Health Research, with Breathe Magic winning a prestigious award at the Magic Circle Awards 2021, and our Founder and Managing Director, Yvonne Farquharson being named a finalist in the 2021 UK Social Enterprise Awards.

Breathe Magic recognised at the Magic Circle Awards 2021
If you were ever unsure whether magic was real, seeing the positive results of Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme on children and young people with hemiplegia will leave you in no doubt that it most certainly is.
On 6th September, Breathe Magic picked up the Martin Chapender Award at the Magic Circle Awards 2021 – recognising the use of magic to make a positive impact on society beyond pure entertainment – what an honour! Watch a short film about our Breathe Magic Intensive Therapy Programme here.

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