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Visiting the Medicine Gallery – The Science Museum

Written By Zara Mahmood  London Arts and Health

At London Arts and Health we are always looking to promote any art exhibition or gallery that shows contribution to the health, art and wellbeing sector. We had the opportunity to be invited to the medicine gallery where years of devices that have been used in hospitals have been preserved and showcased in the gallery to show how far technology has come.

Showcasing extraordinary medical artifacts from the collections of Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum Group, including the world’s first MRI scanner, Fleming’s penicillin mould, a professional pianist’s prosthetic arm and even robotic surgery equipment, the galleries explore our relationship with medicine and health through more than 500 years of history. “ – Science Museum

The gallery also took the chance to promote art work in various places in the gallery. 

Throughout the galleries you’ll find specially commissioned artworks, including ‘Self-Conscious Gene’, by Marc Quinn, a bronze sculpture by Eleanor Crook, a series of portraits by award-winning photographer Siân Davey and an installation by Studio Roso, as well as  interactive displays, films and audio recordings.” – Science Museum

“It was astonishing to approach the entrance of the gallery where you are greeted by an extraordinary bronze sculpture given the name Self-conscious Gene made by Artist Mark Quinn and inspired by the tattooed body of model Rick Genest. The sculpture due to its hight of 11 feet and 6 inches gives off a powerful and grand aura. The closer you approach Gene the more astonishing details you are able to notice including the fact that he is holding an encyclopaedia of anatomy which is suggested to represent our desire to know more about how our bodies work.

Throughout the gallery it was great to see a vast selection of over 3000 historical pieces spanning centuries which have been preserved for us side by side with art pieces which reflected the information around us. The way the gallery is laid out in a historically chronological manner is very smart and allows its viewers to see the gradual progression of medicine along history. It makes you consider how difficult and challenging things today we consider, routine and simple once were and wonder what medical and medicinal discoveries are in store for the future.” – Joshua West LAH team

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, there was so much to learn and to see how far even product design has come in terms of important clinical apparatus. I was very interested to see how far MRI scans have come and to even understand that most of our clinical tools were quite recent inventions and to see how far we have come was absolutely amazing! It was also great to see  Sian Daveys photography feature in the gallery. I thought it gave a real human experience.” – Zara Mahmood LAH team.


To find out more about the MedicineGallery visit their website. Or If you would like to see these amazing art pieces and learn more about the amazing history behind the tools that are used today  visit  the gallery at the Science museum and book your free ticket now.


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