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Performing Medicine releases Autumn schedule

The Performing Medicine Open Programme offers a wide range of workshops and courses that focusing on subjects ranging from managing stress and presentation skills to anatomical art, all led by expert artist practitioners working across movement, voice and sculpture.

Our courses have been designed with and for staff working within healthcare, however, the skills that are developed as part of this programme will resonate and be useful to those working within many different environments.

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Events include:

Develop skills for effective, respectful and engaging communication when wearing PPE. Part of Performing Medicine’s Open Programme.

Drawing on our British Academy-funded research on the impact of PPE on communication within healthcare environments, we have designed this short evening session covering simple and effective ways to cope with the challenges of communication while wearing PPE.

PPE has affected the way we communicate with those we interact with at work – be it patients, colleagues or clients. People often report feelings of discomfort when wearing masks, have difficulty hearing what is being said or make themselves heard and struggle with not being able to lip read.

With the help of healthcare professionals, communication practitioners and performance experts, we have identified a range of immediately applicable techniques that will help to ensure that PPE doesn’t hinder communication, allowing you to feel confident, calm and in control whilst wearing PPE.


Who is it for?

This course has been developed with healthcare professionals but relevant to wider sectors, and anyone that has to communicate in PPE at work.

Date: Tuesday 12 October: 6:00 – 7:30pm

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