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Since the Summer 2023 environmental update, we have seen more shocking, record-breaking statistics on global warming, which resulted in a…

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The Line: Wellbeing Walks in Newham

The Line hosts a weekly wellbeing walk for anyone who may benefit from spending time outdoors. Aiming to improve wellbeing,…

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London Creative Health City: Building it Together

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HERE On the 27th November, London Arts and Health invited everyone interested in the intersections of…

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London Arts and Health: a year in review 2022-2023

Read our annual report 2022-23 here. London Arts and Health (LAH) has continued to thrive in 2022-2023 and we are…

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London Arts and Health: reflections on Building London as a Creative Health City

On the 27th November, we hosted two of the first public gatherings, online and in person at Battersea Arts Centre,…

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World Mental Health Day, 10th October 2023

World Mental Health Day is about raising awareness of mental health and driving positive change for everyone’s mental health. It’s…

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Culture Box Archive

Dr Chloe Asker gives an overview of the Culture Box archive. The archive is an online resource containing arts-based and creative activities to support activity facilitation. We encourage everyone to explore the archive!
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The Noisy Brain: built strong, from broken pieces.

Welcome to The Noisy Brain, we encourage people to share their mental and emotional health experiences as a written piece, and with fantastic musicians from all around the world we then turn those 'writings' into lyrics and lyrics into songs. The Noisy Brain, are a growing global community of those who want to take care of their mental health - from first-timers to musicians/recording artists, writers and supporters. In collaboration we are all helping each other break the stigma of mental health. 

We encourage writing stuff down. You don’t need to be a poet or musician. We’re certainly not! We gladly receive writings from anyone wanting to take care of Mental and Emotional Health. 
Writing is an outlet for sharing experiences. Writing is a powerful way to let stuff out and open things up. There are only positives - from feeling less alone to inspiring others to do the same. It’s not just a normalisation of the topic through discussion, it’s a celebration of human experiences.
 Or, as we say - creating a more forgiving world, one lyric & one song at a time.
 #mentalhealth #music #wellness 
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Space to Be: sensory theatre in children’s hospices

Inspired by her work as a ‘Clown Doctor’, our Artistic Director Ellie knew the impact that sensory art can have in the intense moments families experience in hospices. Following consultation with Noah’s Ark Hospice, including bereavement specialists, we have adapted Space to Be so that it can tour hospices and other palliative or end of life settings across the UK.
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Interview with Almudena Rocca, author of the Intuitive Drawing Journal

To celebrate giving away copies of Almudena Rocca's new book, we spoke to the artist and author to find out…

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Creativity and community eased my pain

After Lucy Reeves-Khan was left with chronic pain following two car accidents, she went through stages of rage, guilt and…

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Introducing… Creative Health Camden

Back in 2008, Kentish Town Health Centre opened, with the aim of bringing together a number of health-focused services to…

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