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Pursuing Racial Justice in Mental Health

new report from the Centre for Mental Health, outlining how the voluntary sector can help meet the needs of racialised communities.

Research shows that racism can cause psychological trauma, anxiety and depression. But it also stops people from getting help when they need it.

The ‘Pursuing racial justice in mental health‘ report shows that people from racialised communities can encounter numerous barriers to accessing mental health services, including discriminatory practices, poor understanding of cultural differences, and stigma surrounding mental illness. This can mean that some people from racialised communities only become known to services in times of crisis.

The voluntary sector – with established links to communities most in need but least likely to get support – has a significant role to play in helping to meet the mental health needs of racialised communities.

Commissioned by Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership, this report explores how health and care services across the country can build stronger partnerships with community organisations to design and deliver mental health support that overcomes the harms and barriers caused by racism.

Download the report 

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