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Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2023

London Arts and Health in conjunction with the Culture Health and Wellbeing Alliance were very pleased to hold an event for over 220 practitioners/organisations on Zoom exploring this year’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week provocation, and how to get involved.

Anyone can be involved in the week, all you need to do is upload an event to the Creativity and Wellbeing Week website.

Or simply search for event, region or organisation and attend something yourself. Events do not need to be complicated or expensive, simply gathering people together for a discussion online is fantastic.

We have a provocation this year which asks:

What’s the role of creativity in a health crisis?

You might want to respond to our provocation, or you might just want to run your own event exploring your ideas, your practice, or wider themes about Creative Health.

We have recorded the presentation about the festival and the provocation which is available below:


We have produced a number of festival assets that you can download and amend for your own programmes of work, events or to promote the festival in your area. This includes a poster, social media assets, press release, button, logos and more!

Likewise, if you need help editing assets get in touch with us now and we can assist you.

Creativity and Wellbeing Week is an amazing moment to shine a spotlight on everything happening across the Creative Health sector, to join forces, collaborate, and shout as loudly as we can for the impact that we have across the UK.

A really fantastic example is the brilliant Norfolk Creativity and Wellbeing Week, which you can find out more about here.

Add your events now, or get in touch for help and support. Email:

We’ll be announcing our curated national headline events and booking very soon, so watch this space!

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