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Born in Geneva (Switzerland) of Hungarian and Italian parentage, Anne de Charmant is a French citizen who feels European above all. She has been living in the UK for over 30 years and considers this country to be her home.

Having trained an arts and culture journalist in Geneva and Paris; she travelled extensively in Europe, the US as well as further afield, before settling in London where she became an arts correspondent for various French, Swiss and UK media and press. 

Anne also worked at Academy Press on various publications and contributed to a number of books published by Phaedon. Her particular interest in contemporary visual art led her to specialise in that field and when the opportunity arose she turned her hand to curating. She developed the concept for a new type of contemporary visual arts organisation when, having moved to the rural west midlands, she realised that the provisions for art, and especially the contemporary visual arts, were quasi non-existent.

She founded Meadow Arts, a non-venue based charitable organisation, that collaborates with partners across the region, in order to bring curated high-quality contemporary art to underserved areas also giving new platforms for artists at earlier stages of their development. To date she has worked with over 150 artists and curated dozens of exhibitions and projects with a huge variety of partners.

Anne has an unshakable belief in the power of contemporary art to engage the best part of human imagination, expand horizons and start essential conversations.

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