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Christopher Samuels is Seeking for Artists for research help, Jennifer Lauren Gallery


Christopher is seeking the views and experiences of people who grew up with a disability in the UK, from the 1960s – 1990s. More specifically Christopher is looking for people of colour, born into working class families in the UK, but this is not exclusive. Anyone with a story, anecdote or viewpoint to share is welcome to participate. All stories will be anonymised in the final piece. Christopher is interested to see how people’s stories differ/are the same as his experience growing up a disabled black man from a working-class background. By using personal narratives gathered from a range of people with different experiences of growing up disabled in the UK, Christopher aims to create a more inclusive and representative Archive of the Unseen – both in the physical element and online where the project will be housed.

Deadline to contact Jennifer: 12 December 2021
More info:

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